Margin Maximizing Model

  • Diversified Revenue Stream
  • Long-term Contracts
  • Seasonality Flexibility – Can switch between product mixed based on the weather/season
  • Not dependent on commodity supply chain – Can sell oil into price spikes or use oil in asphalt when oil prices drop
  • Product shift – Can shift sales mix to highest margin product at any time

Diversified Revenue Streams

Paving Aggregate blended with WAS granules

Reclaimed Bitumen

Environmentally Sourced Heavy Oil

Reclaimed Shingle Granules

Reclaimed Limestone

Tipping Fees from Waste Haulers


September 2020:

Sky Quarry acquired the 2020 Resources Extraction Facility designed for soil reclamation to extract oil from asphalt bitumen ore.

Deep Value:

The facility was built at a cost of ~$60 million and comes with an asphalt resource fully-permitted for mining valued at $39 million.*

* Best Estimate NPV discounted at 10%
– McDaniel & Associates April 2021 Draft Resource Report

The 2020 Resources Acquisition Accelerates Immediate Growth

  • Revenue Stream: started following acquisition in 2020.
  • Research & Development: Sky Quarry has begun R&D on future recycled shingle products.
  • Joint Venture Development: Provides a platform for demonstration of shingle recycling capabilities & facilitates development of joint ventures and licensing opportunities.

Environmentally Sound Technology Solutions. 

Sky Quarry was founded with the mission to solve the problem created by waste asphalt shingles.


David Sealock
Chief Executive Officer

Marcus Laun
Executive Vice President

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